Zhongte Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd


Jiangmen Zhongte Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in high-altitude operation equipment, hoisting and transportation equipment, engineering equipment machinery, bridge and gantry crane sales and leasing company. The products are widely used in various fields and construction industries. To provide customers with excellent performance, safe and reliable aerial work equipment and perfect leasing service.

In order to meet the different needs of each customer, through our services to reduce the use of large-scale erection operations, reduce operating costs, improve the work efficiency of construction enterprises, at the same time, construction safety has been greatly guaranteed. The company "quality-based, service-oriented, customer-oriented".

Why choose Zhongte?

Quality as the foundation, service as the purpose, customer as the core

Complete variety
Reliable guarantee of producing excellent products and services. Years of rich business experience and efficient marketing team and strong service network.
Fully reinforced
Continuous innovation, the pursuit of quality, to provide customers with safe, reliable, excellent performance of the overall solution for material lifting and handling engineering.
Quality assurance
Provide perfect maintenance service products to reduce the hidden trouble. Provide complete and detailed inspection and maintenance report of lifting equipment.
Perfect service
Deliver on time, install and debug on site, provide operation technical training. Provide perfect maintenance service products to reduce the hidden trouble.